Tapan Sinha – A Great Film Director

Tapan Sinha – A Great Film Director
“Present-day films create no impact on the audience. They are either slick films for the multiplexes or cheap potboilers for the rural audience.” This burning statement is from senior and superb film maker Tapan Sinha.
I am a big fan of him film making style. Just before one year I had nothing to do and I was sitting in my room infront of TV . As usual I switch on remote, a film was running on a channel.My interest was only in Pankaj kapoor because he was in film, before a commercial break the name of that film flashed on screen “ ek doctor ki maut”. Suddenly I remember this film’s director name… Tapan Sinha. That movie was a best example of film craft. Everything was absolute there.
Recently I remember him after getting news on TV as he is honored by DADA SAHEB FALKE AWARD 2006. Even he is a Bengali fil maker but if you see his movie , you ‘ll never feel to not to being Bengali. I am Hindian so I saw his film “ek doctor ki maut, and Sagina. People and critics say in Hindi Sagina was not powerful as well as in Sagina Mahto in Bengali. You all know Sagina was acted by Dilip Kumar. SALA MAIN TO SAHEB BAN GAYA…………………..was a popular song of Sagina.
Kolkata borned Tapan Sinha is a well respected Bengali film director. He is arguably the most uncompromising filmmaker outside the orbit of parallel cinema. His awe-inspiring body of work can possibly be matched by only a Mrinal sen or a Satya jit rai . Tapan Sinha’s works have won 19 National Film Awards in various categories. As I already said though he is primarily based in the Bengali film industry, he has also made films in different languages like Hindi and Oriya. His masterpiece Kabulliwalaah(1956), based on a story by Rabindranath Tagore. Tapan Sinha has been greatly influenced by Rabindranath Tagore. So he made three films on his masterpieces, ‘Kabuliwala’, ‘Atithi’ and ‘Khudito Pashan’. The director whose versatility is well visible in films like ‘Kabuliwala’, ‘Atithi’, ‘Hate Bazare’ and ‘Ek Doctor Ki Maut’ is nationally known for respecting his audience.Ek Doctor… won National Award for Second Best Film, Best Director in 1991. I think Tapan sinha’s last film was Anokha moti(2000). Due to his illness he is not making films nowadays.
Plz put your hands together for his master creation in Bengali, Hindi and Orriya. It is a sheer tragedy that a filmmaker of Tapan’s calibre has been recognised so late. In western countries he would have received recognition long ago. Magar DER AAYE DURUST AAYE……………………………………………….

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